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Do you have a message or methodology that is useful, joyful and empowering?


Are you ready to be on a livestream, longform, podcast with video?  Do you have a persepective that is optimistic and intersting?  Does your message have utility for humanity?  If the answer is yes, stop what you're doing and apply to be a guest right now.

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Are you planning and event, online or in-person?   Perhaps an Evolutionary discussion would be a valuable addition to your event!  David is a seasoned public speaker, teacher and coach. 


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Do you have a message, methodology or perspective that could bring some light to the world?  Got something to say that is both useful and fun? Apply to be a guest on The Evolutionary Podcast! 



Receive 1:1 feedback and guidance  from David as you do the deep work of exploring your desires, shifting your beliefs, curating your consumption, and cultivating the way you express into the world, bringing all into alignment with your intended becoming.  

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